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America's heritage has stood in the fields and beside farm houses for over a century in the form of barns. Historic barns are becoming more difficult to find, and due to the increase in comercially zoned land are being destroyed. Reclaimed Barns & Beams reclaims the wood from these hand hewed, pinned barns that have stood the tests of time. It is our hope that we can transform this wood into vintage farm tables, chairs, ceiling beams, mantles and more. This will give us a chance to keep the history of these barns alive and with us for years to come.

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Reasons to use Reclaimed Lumber

Go -green, recycle and reuse with reclaimed lumber. Using antique barn wood reduces the need to mill knew trees while saving the heritage of the old barn wood.

So many of you have contacted us asking for help designing, measuring, or building a table for your home or as a gift for someone else, and we would love to do that. Our hope is that we can help the beginner to the expert create that perfect reclaimed piece.

Reasons to Use Reclaimed Lumber

Environmentally Friendly

Reclaimed wood isn't grown on farms, which often cultivate only trees that grow fast, but aren't supportive of an ecosystem. Yes, it represents a tree that's been cut down, but at least it's getting another life in your home. Reclaimed wood is “used”—but we’re not talking about the sawdust and two-by-four scraps leftover from someone else’s DIY project. When people say “reclaimed wood” they’re referring to aged, recycled timbers: wood that was harvested decades ago, used in construction, and then salvaged when its original building was torn down. Sometimes this reclaimed lumber is left mostly intact, such as in large, hand-hewn reclaimed beams. Other times it’s re-milled and used for a new purpose, such as when an old joist (that’s a horizontal supporting member) is sawn into planks to create reclaimed flooring. A tremendously important benefit of choosing to use reclaimed timber for your building needs is the positive affect your decision will have on the environment. Salvaging old wood to be used again and saving it from landfills is an environmentally responsible choice that will only enhance the personal gratification you’ll feel when you have completed your project. Choosing to Go Green with reclaimed products from Reclaimed Barns & Beams is an eco-friendly alternative to harvesting new trees and depleting additional resources and forests. We are proud to be a part of this growing conservation trend and look forward to supplying you with reclaimed lumber products from floor to ceiling to help you recycle, renew and reduce during your construction and/or remodeling phase. When you use reclaimed lumber, you decrease the demand for newly sourced lumber, which helps curb deforestation. If harvested responsibly, reclaimed wood is a renewable resource that reduces landfill waste as well as the use of environmental hazards to manufacture new products. For example, it’s better for the earth to install an engineered reclaimed wood floor than it is to install petroleum-based carpeting or linoleum.


Why is it a green choice? Recycled lumber is from buildings slated for demolition. If the building is not deconstructed- board by board and beam by beam, it would have been turned into scrap. As long as it can continue to serve a purpose, we might as well use it in place of creating a need to fell trees for new lumber.

Beauty, History & Character

Reclaimed wood adds instant soul and personality to any space. If your idea of beauty is 'flawless' wood - devoid of character, personality and history - you've come to the wrong place. If, however, your idea of beautiful wood embraces history and character, we will help you find exactly what you are looking to add to your home or business.

Reclaimed Barns & Beams selects wood that has an age and character that cannot be mimicked. Old wood likely grew in a natural environment where it had to fight for nutrients and sun, making the wood strong and durable. Aging also brings out the color in the wood. Most old-growth wood is no longer available. Regulations prevent many species of tree from being harvested.

– nail holes, bolt holes, hinges, seasoning checks, weathered patina and other character enriches and enhances wood's natural beauty. You can use this lumber to make reclaimed hardwood flooring, decks, wall paneling, tables, countertops, cabinets, shelves and anything else you can make with timber. No matter what its original function, reclaimed lumber is usually of a quality you can’t find in stores today. Much of this recycled wood dates back prior to modern construction and milling methods. Before World War II, mature trees that had grown slowly over hundreds of years were commonly used in construction. Reclaimed timber that originated with these ancient trees is stronger and has denser growth rings than the younger wood being taken to mills today. The beams and planks created from these massive trees are larger and wider than modern lumber.

Reclaimed wood also has aesthetic qualities that are impossible to find in new materials. You’ll find hand-hewn beams with saw marks still visible from the craftsmen who cut it 100 years ago. You’ll find reclaimed siding from old barns, with a silvery, aged patina or faded paint color created by weathering slowly over the years. You’ll find recycled flooring of antique white oak, pulled out of old buildings and milled into new planks.

Simply put, reclaimed wood has a look and feel that you just can’t replicate with something you’ll find down at your local home improvement superstore.

If your idea of beauty is 'flawless'  wood devoid of character, personality and history- you've come to the wrong place.

If your idea of beauty is 'flawless'
 wood devoid of character, personality and history- you've come to the wrong place.

Stability & Durability 

Because reclaimed lumber was harvested and milled decades ago, reclaimed wood offers stability unavailable in new, even kiln-dried, wood. It is mostly dense-grain, old-growth material, reclaimed wood is harder and more durable than new lumber, which often contains sapwood, is less dense because it comes from younger trees, contains larger & looser knots, a higher moisture content and is more prone to warping/twisting/bending. Unparalleled strength & durability from when our country’s old factories, warehouses and residences were originally built are found in this lumber. Only the most durable and stable timbers were used to support them. Many of these old structures have endured for hundreds of years. Old-growth trees were typically larger and stronger as they took decades and even centuries to grow and mature. Trees such as Longleaf Yellow Pine were used to build the country from the East Coast to Chicago (we once had approximately 84 million acres of Longleaf Yellow Pine, we now have about 4,000 acres). Old-growth wood has greater density and is more dimensionally stable than newly-harvested wood, which are desirable traits for specific “high-traffic” uses such as hardwood flooring. Certain rare species can only be found through reclaimed wood suppliers. Reclaimed Barns & Beams is proud to provide a new life to these old-growth trees by offering a wide selection of reclaimed timber for all of your structural building and aesthetic design needs.


Reclaimed Barns & Beams is proud to provide a new life to these old-growth trees by offering a wide selection of reclaimed timber for all of your structural building and aesthetic design needs. 

Unique Sense of Style, Character, & Charm

When you choose to use reclaimed materials from Reclaimed Barns & Beams, you are installing beams and  floorsrich in historic value. Our products are reclaimed from former barns, warehouses, factories and other old historic buildings across the Central Indiana. In order to preserve the historical significance and architectural accomplishments of the time, materials are primarily reclaimed from buildings and structures that are damaged beyond repair and/or have been abandoned.

Reclaimed timber will add a distinctive dimension to your home or commercial projects, with a unique piece of history preserved in each plank, board and beam. You can literally “walk through history” with reclaimed wood from Reclaimed Barns & Beams, giving you a one-of-a-kind story to tell time and time again.

Reclaimed antique wood is unrivaled in terms of its ageless beauty and charm, and is unparalleled in its architectural quality and character. We offer beautiful “historic- wood” with rustic textures, traditional elegance and architectural strength and durability. With many of the old historical “character marks” still visible, our reclaimed materials bring warmth, charm and an uncommon sense of style to any commercial or residential new build or remodeling project.

These historical character marks, which include nail holes, saw marks, mortises, notches, bolt holes and rich patinas give hints to the wood’s former life. Using reclaimed wood from Reclaimed Barns & Beams offers beauty and defining character that cannot be found in newly-sawn timber, and can never be duplicated.

Beautiful Hand Hewn Mantle

Beautiful Hand Hewn Mantle





Using reclaimed wood from Reclaimed Barns & Beams offers beauty and defining character that cannot be found in newly-sawn timber, and can never be duplicated.