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19 North Harrison Street
Shelbyville, IN, 46176
United States


America's heritage has stood in the fields and beside farm houses for over a century in the form of barns. Historic barns are becoming more difficult to find, and due to the increase in comercially zoned land are being destroyed. Reclaimed Barns & Beams reclaims the wood from these hand hewed, pinned barns that have stood the tests of time. It is our hope that we can transform this wood into vintage farm tables, chairs, ceiling beams, mantles and more. This will give us a chance to keep the history of these barns alive and with us for years to come.

The Next Thing


It can be a crowbar, a hammer, or a chainsaw in my hand. I love the work. There is something exciting to me about being in these old barns. You never know what you will find or what someone else will create from what I find. The work is hard, tiring, and so very dirty, but I just love doing it. 

Reclaimed Barns & Beams provides lumber to those who create using historic wood that has a story.

The Next Thing

angela crouse

Some days are hard. Really hard. Not just cannot find your phone charger hard, Water pipe in the shop burst hard. 2 inches of water everywhere hard. These are the days that you have to just keep doing the next thing. If you spend too much time focusing on the 2 inches of water and the frozen floor drain, you will find yourself unable to do all the things that matter. Even when the last belt sander burns up ... smoke signals flying in the air... hard happens, just keep doing the next thing. It is all the next things that move you farther from the hard things. Even when the accelerator cable breaks for the second time in your truck just keep doing the next thing. What if that next thing is the one thing that leads to greatness? 

WIN_20180109_14_03_55_Pro (3).jpg

In a week were all the hard things happen and there seems like there just isn't relief insight, keep going! When all the signs are saying "Go back to bed", turn on endless episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" and hide from it all. Get out there and fight!

 I feel like these are the times that test my endurance. The times that test how badly I want this life for myself. So no matter how hard it is. How many things explode, catch on fire, or break... just do the next thing. 

What has your hard been lately?

Reclaim your dreams! No matter what happens,