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19 North Harrison Street
Shelbyville, IN, 46176
United States


America's heritage has stood in the fields and beside farm houses for over a century in the form of barns. Historic barns are becoming more difficult to find, and due to the increase in comercially zoned land are being destroyed. Reclaimed Barns & Beams reclaims the wood from these hand hewed, pinned barns that have stood the tests of time. It is our hope that we can transform this wood into vintage farm tables, chairs, ceiling beams, mantles and more. This will give us a chance to keep the history of these barns alive and with us for years to come.


It can be a crowbar, a hammer, or a chainsaw in my hand. I love the work. There is something exciting to me about being in these old barns. You never know what you will find or what someone else will create from what I find. The work is hard, tiring, and so very dirty, but I just love doing it. 

Reclaimed Barns & Beams provides lumber to those who create using historic wood that has a story.

If we spend all of our time asking questions, we will never find the answers.

angela crouse

Questions- The questions are sometimes endless.

I have noticed that lately I get so many questions. People just cannot figure it out. “Just what is it that you are doing?”

And now my overthinking brain is wondering just what is causing the questions. Why do you take down the barns? What are you going to do with all the wood? Why do you want to do that? Who buys all that stuff? How do you do it? Who helps you? Don’t you need equipment? What are your goals with this? Are you crazy?  That last one is my favorite and not the first time in my life that people have asked it of me. I don’t even have to answer if there is more than one other person in the room… someone usually jumps in and says, “Have you met her?” But are these really the things they are questioning?


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In all my overthinking, I come up with the idea that when you dare to follow your own path, your own dream, something just very different, people cannot help but ask the questions. Masses of people tend to do the same old thing. They stay on the same path that they have been walking down for years if not decades of their life. They have dreams, but have no idea how to execute them. They don’t like where their current path is taking them, and often they don’t even know how they got on the path in the beginning. What they are questioning is not my new business, but why would I try to start a new path. That is risky, challenging, hard work, and not something people tend to do at forty-six, with a career, and seven children.

How do you start a new life when you’re trying to live the one your currently in the middle of? That is really what they want to know. Not because they want to know how I am doing it, but how might they? The real truth of the matter is I don’t have the answers to their questions. I don't have the answers to my own questions, but I won't let that stop me. I don't have answers to-- the barn focused questions, not the answers to--your changing your path questions, or the -- where do you see this going questions. And maybe that is the reason I am able to do what I am doing. Why do we have to have all the answers? If I was doing something that I already had all the answers to, would that be worth doing? Where would the excitement be in that? Where would the challenge in that be? I, like so many, have a dream. I want to make that dream happen. I don’t question it. I am just finding a way to make it happen. If we spend all of our time asking questions, we will never find the answers.

What is your dream? Don’t question it, RECLAIM it.

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